It’s a great example of my luck that just hours after I change the header graphic on this site from the generic blue fade to a shot of what some have called my signature glasses, I manage to break them. Again.

I’ve had two pair of those “clubman” glasses: the first a vintage pair by American Optical I found in a resale shop for $8, and the second a pair of reissues by Shuron. The Boy broke the first pair twice with his ninja-fast Hand of the Cobra attack, and the second pair with a mighty headbutt. I somehow managed to break the second pair (after replacing the right temple after the massive headbutt attack) in the SAME EXACT PLACE.

I’m starting to think I need a different pair. And, after five or six years with the same style of specs, I might be due for a refresh anyway.

UPDATE: 2005.06.27: I decided to just order some new temples for the current specs. Why screw with a good thing (and, more importantly, why spend $300 instead of $40)?

4 thoughts on “eyewear”

  1. I like the shot of your specs in the masthead. It’s amazing how a simple change like that can turn a template into, well, a website. I’m sure you’ve made other tweaks as well, but that shot gives the site a real signature that connects sjarvis online to the sjarvis I know and love in meatspace. :)

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