2005 Toyota Prius: First Impressions

Hallie's Prius!This is based on about, oh, an hour’s drive time in the Prius. First, what I think is fairly irrelevant, since it’s The Wife’s car. But, I like it. I don’t love it, but I like it. As far as a passenger sedan meant for getting you from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while remaining comfortable, it’s aces. It’s NOT a sports car, but it’s got acceptable acceleration and handling. It’s surprisingly roomy (but, then again, everything seems roomy compared to the MINI) and comfortable. After borrowing a friend’s Toyota Sienna mini-van last week to haul the racecar bed in, I’d say the Prius is the most minivan-like car I’ve ever driven, and that’s not a slam. You sit up pretty high and there’s no hood in front of you (due to the silhouette of the car).

It’s got some good and/or interesting features: The climate controls are on the steering wheel (as are the audio controls), which I like quite a bit (you can also adjust the climate controls via the touchscreen). It has a lot of storage in the center console, thanks in part to Toyota’s use of the old-school foot e-brake (it’s in the Sienna, too). The JBL stereo sounds pretty good once you dial it in a little, though I know that stereo has gotten a bad rap in some places. There are a number of small, oddly-shaped windows on it. Not real sure why, as they don’t seem to really do much.

That’s about it for a random first impression dump. More later when I’ve spent some more time in it. But, I think it was a good choice for The Wife, and, most importantly, so does she.