The Prius is coming! The Prius is coming!

prius_stock_200.jpgIn April, The Wife order a Toyota Prius, which (if you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or two) is their hybrid car. When she ordered it, they said it would be 9-14 months, due to massive demand. We weren’t stoked about that, but we weren’t planning to replace her aging Nissan Altima for at least another 8 months. Well, on Monday, the dealer called and said it would be here this Friday! W00t! So, we’ll have a cool new car to take on our family reunion roadtrip this weekend. More details and photos after we actually get it.

UPDATE 2005.06.18: The truck carrying our Prius didn’t arrive at the dealer until after 5pm Friday, so they couldn’t have it ready for us to pick up until Saturday. But, we’re across the state at a family reunion (pics to be Flickrized sometime this coming week). So, She’ll be picking it up Monday morning. Comments, reviews, etc. forthcoming.