The MINI is here!

Our MINI Cooper S is finally here! We went up to Kansas City to get it Halloween weekend. I can’t get it up over 4500 rpm or over 95 MPH until I put 1,250 miles on it, though. Even with the first restriction (I doubt the second will be much of a problem), it performs amazingly!

Though I was warned in advance, it still amazes me how people will just come up and want to look at it up close. I’ve yet to stop for gas without getting questions or comments from at least one person. People just seem to LOVE these cars. If they only knew how much fun they are to drive, too!

3 thoughts on “The MINI is here!”

  1. I’m not sure most people are aware that it’s British (technically, even though BMW makes them), but even moreso than most of the US, I live in giant SUV land. They’re just not used to seeing small cars that are also cool.

    I like the Smart, too (though not as much as the MINI), but they don’t sell them here. As manufactured, they’re not street legal in the US. I saw that they’re coming out with — wait for it — a Smart *SUV* for the American market next year. I’m sure it’ll be tiny, but it’s annoying that they think they have to market it as an SUV in the US to sell it.

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