Kansas City

Hallie on Segway

We went to Kansas City this weekend to order our MINI Cooper S from Baron MINI. Other than pouring rain most of Saturday followed by unseasonably cool temps (mid 50s in July!) and the lack of long pants or non-sandal shoes, we had a great time. As you can see from the pic I snapped of Hallie with my phonecam, we got to try out some Segways at their shop on Country Club Plaza. We also saw The Bourne Supremacy (very good action flick) and had some great food. I also got to lust over the art stereos at Bang & Olufsen. A good trip.

And the MINI will be here in October. Yeah. It takes a while to get one.

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  1. What? Is this car for the lady, or are you trading in the Subaru? Call you after work.

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