Apple's GarageBand

Daring Fireball: A Big Garage hits it right on the head:

“What’s so cool about GarageBand is that it exemplifies the market that Apple is going after. People who want to use their computers to make cool things. People who want to be producers, not just consumers. If it’s possible to distill into a single thought what it is that makes Apple Apple, and what has made the Macintosh so enduringly popular, that’s it.”

That’s what I’ve been trying for years to say about why I love Macs. I’m a producer on a pretty small scale, but that’s how I view myself.

I’ve already ordered my copy of GarageBand (along with the swank upgrades to the other iLife components). I can’t wait to get back to recording some of my music.

UPDATE: Well, as cool as GB seemed, it’s not really the right app for me on my machine. I was looking for a more robust app for recording a number of audio tracks, and GB ain’t it (at least, not on my 1GHz G4 iMac). It’s a great looping app, and it’s exactly right for the target market: creative folks who aren’t musicians (necessarily) but want to make some cool music for their iMovies or iPhoto slideshows or whatnot.

For a great (and really cheap) DAW app for OS X, try Tracktion, which is also available for Windows (and soon Linux, they say). It’s the bees knees.

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