I'm Torn: Dean vs. Clark

Now that Wesley Clark has entered the presidential race, I’m torn. I’ve been leaning heavily towards Howard Dean. I like what Dean has to say and how he says it, for the most part. However, I’m still a bit concerned about his electability. Clark, on the other hand, seems to have some serious electability (in a very vague, shallow definition of that word), but I haven’t heard enough about his stands on the issues. There’s also the issue of Clark having never run for office: a good thing and a bad thing. He’s also a homeboy, being from Arkansas, like me.

In any event, I’d really like to see a Dean/Clark or Clark/Dean final ticket against Bush/Cheney (assuming Cheney stays alive). Either way, assuming they don’t screw it up, it could be eight years of one then eight years of the other. I could live with that, I think.

2 thoughts on “I'm Torn: Dean vs. Clark”

  1. I just last night posted six new entries at my blog – some of them are highly critical of the administration and the Iraq war (and from a conservative perspective).

    The last of the six, however, points out connections between Wesley Clark & the Clinton administration and Islamic terrorists.

  2. The idea that the Clinton administration had any ties to al-Quaeda is merely another rightwing pipe dream. Will the right EVER stop flogging Clinton for every single problem in America? Better to turn your attentions to what the CURRENT White House administration is doing. There’s the dirty work.

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