Preach on, brother!

Today’s installment of Daring Fireball is a great pro-Mac, though fairly argued, essay that gets to the heart of why Windows pcs are more common than Macs, especially in corporate environments. The one shortcoming of the essay, though, is that it’s a binary argument: Windows vs. Macintosh, with no mention of Linux or other free software.

One thought on “Preach on, brother!”

  1. Good article. The only beef I have is the swipe the article takes at network “plumbers” for having no real programming skills.

    I agree that most IT guys are glorified cable cutters; however, they do solve real problems for real users on real networks, even if the problems have their roots in bad code.

    Much is made of MS’s “bad” code, but the tables might have easily been turned had Apple won the market-share war. A certain number of “network plumbers” are required for any given level of connectivity. Because their services are only be perceived as valuable during crises, they will create scenarios where they are constantly occupied. Apple serves a niche market partly because it doesn’t need as large a number of plumbers.

    On some level, it’s all magic anyway. How many hardcore programmers have seen and understand electrons?

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