#$%&* ing HAIL!

This morning, we had a brief but damaging hailstorm that saw up to quarter-sized (though most was nickel-sized or so) hail fall on our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I park my new car (a 2003 Subaru Forester, which I LOVE) outside our one-car carport (where Wife parks her car). I realized too late that I could pull Wife’s car way up into the carport and then pull mine in up close behind hers and still cover 3/4 of my car. So, I did that (getting popped hard in the head a couple of times in the process), but too late. The hood of my Forester is covered in very shallow dents (there are only a couple on the top, and luckily the sunroof was spared any damage). You don’t notice them at a glance, but I can see them, and, more importantly, I know they’re there, dammit! I’m going to call some places tomorrow and see how much it might be to get it fixed.