The "iPhone"?

The NY Times ran a story in which the author thinks Apple will be launching a phone/PDA combo sort of deal in the not-to-distant future. He cites some Jobs comments and the new connectivity (bluetooth, iCal, AddressBook, Sherlock) in OS X 10.2 as his evidence. Sure, it’s circumstantial, but it’s still compelling. Such a device would simplify my life (iPhone = cellphone + palm, plus the synching capabilities with OS X, which I run at home and at work). Also, Jobs had the CEO of Cingular Wireless at MWNY this year, and Cingular is my wireless provider (well, it is for the next 10 months at least, the remaining time on my contract), so hopefully Cingular would be suporting such a device. As Cartman would say, “Schweet.”

UPDATE: The Register has a contrary opinion that Apple will just be working closely with folks like SonyEricsson to support their tricky new smartphones.