The Death of Internet Radio?

Doc Searls gives his take on the whole murder of internet radio in his new LinuxJournal article: Hollywood Steps Up Its Assault on the Net While Webcasting Death March Claims KPIG.

I listen to radio over the net quite a bit. Not as much as I listen to MP3s (which have WAY overtaken CDs for me), but quite a bit. I especially like to listen to NPR over the net at work, because, due to the bunker architecture of our building, we can’t get decent radio reception inside. Plus, our NPR station just has news and information in the mornings and afternoon, with classical music the rest of the time.

And though the recent attack on internet radio by the RIAA and their thugs in Washington might not affect NPR, it certainly affects the handful of non-commercial internet radio stations I listen to regularly. I’m not optimistic. Big Content is scared shitless, and they’re going to call in every bit of favor owed to them and every bit of leverage that they can buy. Eventually, we’ll win, I think, but it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Information wants to be free.