Rat bastards

Apparently, I will sleep before the floor is done. It’s 12:12am, and I’ve got four rows of planks left to install, but I’m five boards short of that. Did I waste a bunch of boards, you ask? No, I ended up with only maybe three boards total of unusable scrap due to having to cut around things. We’re supposed to have enough boards to cover the square footage plus one box (8 boards). But, the incompetent salesperson we dealt with at Ozark Floors in Fayetteville, Arkansas didn’t order enough or didn’t measure the space correctly. This is just the latest example of his incompetence. He also failed to order enough moulding, didn’t order any of the mounting track for the moulding, didn’t tell us we needed an expansion joint (which facilitated ordering even more moulding), and I can’t remember what else, but there’s at lease one more thing. And in return, he offers apologies. Great. I don’t want apologies, I WANT SHIT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST FUCKING TIME!

We chose to use Ozark Floors instead of Lowe’s or Home Depot because they had done such a good job installing one of our friends’ floors. We thought, sure, we’ll pay a little more, but we’ll get knowledgable help and great service. Yeah, right.

So, instead of having our new floor look great when my in-laws arrive Sunday, we’ll have a three-foot-wide strip of subfloor running along the front of our front room. In fact, we’ll have that for the next week, while more flooring planks are ordered.