Oy, my back…

We’re deep in the midst of the flooring installation, now into day 2. Day 1 and some of today were mostly spent cursing the dealer we bought the materials from (more on this later) yet who failed to provide even the most meagre support and advice. Next time, we’ll just go to Lowe’s, where don’t expect help. Last night we ripped out the carpet and started getting nails and tacks and things out. Today, we finished that, made two trips to Lowe’s for accessories, and actually laid about 70 sq. ft. or so of flooring.

Other than a couple of slight gapped joints (one of which will go under the refrigerator anyway), it looks pretty darned good. We’re still trying to track down a power jamb saw to undercut the fireplace hearth so we can fit the boards beneath it for a much cleaner look. Tomorrow, we plan to finish the dining room, finish prepping the living room (still some foam and nails stuck to the floor), then maybe start laying floor in there. We hope to finish up the whole thing (including trimwork and putting the furniture back) by Tuesday night. We’ll see if we make it.

I ache from head to toe, stem to stern, etc., etc. I know I’m out of shape and all, but this is the most tangible proof I’ve had lately. It feels good, though, because it’s weariness and pain born of hard (well, pretty hard) physical labor. Still, I’d prefer it if it didn’t hurt just to sit on the toilet.