You want me to what?

After being on the new job for just over three months, I got a huge promotion Tuesday. My boss is leaving to take a job in a different industry, and he recommended me to replace him, and the publisher did (I am qualified, after all). So, as of July 1st, I’ll be the Director of Internet Publishing for our region, in charge of the web publishing efforts for three daily newspapers, plus the ad sales, classified sales, and other functions that accompany that whole operation. I’ll have two employees, manage a budget, etc. It’s a bit scary, but also very exciting.

I’ll be doing less design and development work, which is the worst part of the promotion, but I’ll be able to lead some big projects and oversee the direction of our web publishing efforts for the foreseeable future. I’m excited about the opportunity I’ll have to continue the good work of my boss and take us even further. There’s a lot of cool stuff I want to pursue in the next year or so. I’m already working on my short and long-term plans for the new administration.

I’m also getting a raise, which is nice.