Mac lovin'

In his recent-ish article, The Changing Mac Communityfor O’reilly’s Mac Dev Center, Derrick Story pretty much sums up how I feel about the state of Apple and Mac OS X:

Whether you’re a big fan of Mac OS X or its most ardent critic, think about this: Do you remember how life in our community was before the return of Steve Jobs, the iMac, and Mac OS X?

What I remember was: the sneering PC establishment, bad newspaper headlines, huge quarterly losses, and doggone-it, beige boxes just as ugly as the Windoz garden variety. In the case of Power Computing, even uglier.

Now we’re on the cover of Time magazine, have three of the coolest computers of all time, we’re maintaining profits in a terrible economy, and arguably, have created the most exciting, controversial operating system ever implemented on a broad scale.

The article is interesting, but it’s mostly quotes from Mac users (both new and old) about the changes Apple has undergone due to Mac OS X. Still, it’s worth the read.