I quit my job today. More accurately, I gave my two weeks’ notice and then was told that — because I was leaving to take a job with a competitor — my services were no longer needed and that I should leave the building post haste. So, I’ll be “enjoying” a two-week unpaid vacation the next two weeks. The new job is more than worth it.

The new job will be similar to my old job — web designer/developer — only with higher pay, no hardware/server maintenance responsibilities (no damned pager, no 24-7 on-call status), a larger staff of really cool guys, some interesting projects with adequate funding, an office, and an Apple Titanium Powerbook G4, the baddest laptop in existence. The job’s also within five minutes of my house and within walking distance of three of my favorite restaurants, my bank, my cleaners, and the post office. No looking back.