Boondocks on Bush

My regular readers (all three of you) will know that I love Aaron MacGruder’s comic strip The Boondocks. I just came across a good article about MacGruder’s criticism of the Bush administration. [Hat tip to CheeseDip]

The basic assessment of the situation is true: MacGruder is about the only writer whose commentary reaches that particular audience (millions of newspaper readers) on a daily basis. He’s also about the only cartoonist (including political cartoonists) with the balls to put his ass (and his career) on the line when criticizes the not-elected Bush administration and its policies, which it implements behind a veil of patriotism and fear. More power to him. On a side note: the article says that he’s developing an animated Boondocks series for this fall. I hope it’s true, but more importantly, I hope it’s good.