Take a Deep Breath

Two months ago, I started a new project at work. A BIG project. It’s my fault, really. I’m the one who suggested that I design and program a whole new custom CMS for us in a language that I’ve got only basic skills in. I thought it would be a challenge (and I need those to keep me interested in things), and I thought I’d learn a lot.

Boy, am I learning.

I’ve spent the last two weeks (off and on, between other projects and problems) trying to figure out how to parse data from XML files and put it into MySQL databases via PHP. Finally, today, I figured out how to deal with the particular set of files (about 40,000 of them). They’re in XML — very basic XML — but I discovered that I don’t need to use PHP’s built-in (or added on) XML processing functions to get that data into the database — the sole and ultimate goal.

Repeat after me: use the right tool/method for the job, even if it’s not the coolest or sexiest tool. The ends justify the means (in web development, anyway). Sometimes you can see the forest hidden behind all those trees.