Back from Phoenix

I’m back from my two-day trip to Phoenix to speak at the NAA Newspaper Operations SuperConference 2002 (what a mouthful). My panel was the most interesting I saw (and the only web-related panel), though my presentation was a bit stiff and disorganized. It happens to me every now and then, and it sucks. I think part of the problem was my ambivalence about the topic I was specifically asked to speak on and which I grew more ambivalent about between early October (when I was invited to speak) and now.

In any event, I got to stay in a nice hotel and see a little of Phoenix, which I had never visited before. Superficially, it looks like Vegas sans the casinos: a desert town on a flat desert valley punctuated by golf courses and surrounded by beautiful desert mountains.

The only thing I missed doing while I was there was visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, which is in next-door Scottsdale. I plan to make a pilgrimage just for that one day (but after I vising Wright’s Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania).

I still hate flying.