So, I’m starving because I didn’t eat lunch today (forgot my checkbook… doh!), so I worked through lunch and took off a little early. I stopped by the house and grabbed the checkbook, then headed off to my favorite grocery store, Ozark Natural Foods. I was basically just shopping for the regular stuff that I buy there, but I started putting Thai food in my basket. Before long, I had the ingredients to make a green curry, which I’ve never done before, though I love it. Thanks to the folks at Thai Kitchen (who may be the Chung King of Thai food, but it’s a place to start), I pulled it off. Man, it was good, too! I’m going to have to make it again soon, though maybe with chicken instead of tofu next time. I’ve really been in the cooking mood of late, and it’s been fun. I sometimes forget how challenging and creative food can be when I’m just assembling fuel every night.