Ahh! Sweet, sweet air conditioning.

Ahh! Sweet, sweet air conditioning. How DID people live in the South before it? I’m a real wuss when it comes to the heat. When the upper 90s with high humidity starts in July, I just hunker down and pray for October to hurry up. In any event, we got a new A/C unit today and I got it installed amidst much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth.

The roofers arrived to fix the leak in the roof, too! They spilled tar or something in the yard and got it on my new garden hose when they tried to clean it up. They promised to dig up the tarred grass and put some sod down. They’re going to clean the hose or replace it, too, as it was brand-spankin’ new! But, they were nice guys, so I imagine they’ll do the right thing. They should be finished tomorrow. That takes two BIG house worries off my shoulders.