Well, more A/C troubles

Well, more A/C troubles. The guy came back today to look at our aged window unit (our house was built in 1963, before people always had central A/C) and declared that the coils are leaking and it would take all day to patch them (at $40/hr). Then he tried to sell us a used central unit (we already have central Heating) for not very much. BUT (and, as Peewee says, everybody’s got a big but), there’s no warranty on the used central unit.
I’ll pass. I’ve had too much bad luck with crap breaking down outside the warranty period lately. So, we’re going to go tomorrow and buy ourselves a new big-ass window unit. The other one cools the house just fine (when it’s working), and even a big-ass window unit is way cheaper than central A/C. Ah, the joys of homeownership.