Weird day at work.

Weird day at work. They’re remodeling our building in a MASSIVE way for the next 6 months, and the first wave of the attack begins in about 3 weeks when they destroy my boss’s office. Sure it sounds like fun, right? Nope. He’ll be sitting 3 feet from me after that for about 4 months. It’s okay, though. I can keep an eye on him that way. ;)

I got home from work to find out that our main air conditioner went out today, just 3 weeks after being serviced (and working just dandy ever since). I immediately called the service guy and insisted that he do something about it PRONTO. I live in Arkansas, gentle reader, where it is hotter than hell and twice as humid. It was 100F here today, with a heat index well over 110. Nasty, nasty stuff. At least our bedroom A/C is still working, so I can sleep in comfort. Ah, the joys of home ownership. Will they never end?