Went to see Planet of

Went to see Planet of the Apes today. I give it a B+. First, the good stuff. Visually very impressive. The sets are cool, the spaceships are pretty original designs (what little you see of them), the ape costumes/makeup kicks ass, and the ape city is more arboreal than in the original. The acting is excellent, especially Tim Roth’s Thade (the head bad-ape) and the lovely Helena Bonham-Carter, who remains lovely, even when all chimpy. They obviously spent a lot of time coaching the actors on ape behavior and the results are that the ape characters are sometimes just funny-looking humans and sometimes startlingly simian. They sniff each other a lot.

The bad stuff: iffy science (evolution doesn’t happen that fast, though the modified genetics could account for that some), iffy time-travel, iffy astrospace (“magnetic storms” in space that last thousands of years in the same spot and allow time travel?). So, basically, if you don’t do like me and over-analyze the science part of the sci-fi, you’ll enjoy it.