I had a good birthday.

I had a good birthday. We had fun hanging out and eating Japanese food earlier this evening, even though everyone didn’t really know each other at the beginning. Fayetteville’s still small enough that you can play “It’s A Small World” and quickly find a handful of common friends or acquaintences between just about anyone who’s lived here for at least five years. I posted some photos and some relatively lame accompanying text in Birthday 2001.

Another important thing about the Birthday 2001 section is that it’s my first homegrown dynamic app (even though it’s just a little slideshow-type thing and it’s not fully dynamic) using PHP and MySQL. At work, we use WebCatalog to do just about everything, but with Mac OS X supporting PHP, MySQL, and Apache, I’ve started learning how to code in PHP/MySQL, since Mac OS X is our future at work, and the present of more and more places. It was fun, but I’ll be happier once I get more comfortable with the PHP syntax.